ASTM F1136/F1136M-11

Standard Specification for Zinc/Aluminum Corrosion Protective Coatings for Fasteners

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Štandard Specification pre Zinc / korózie hliníka Protective Coatings pre spojovacie

NORMA vydaná dňa 1.11.2011

Cena36.90 bez DPH

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Označenie normy: ASTM F1136/F1136M-11
Dátum vydania normy: 1.11.2011
Kód tovaru: NS-49247
Počet strán: 3
Približná hmotnosť: 9 g (0.02 libier)
Krajina: Americká technická norma
Kategória: Technické normy ASTM

Anotácia textu normy ASTM F1136/F1136M-11 :

This specification covers the basic requirements and associated test methods for water-based corrosion protective zinc/aluminum dispersion inorganic basecoats, and optional sealers and topcoats for fasteners. The basecoat can contain chrome (C) or be non-chrome (NC). These coatings are applied to ferrous parts by conventional dip-spin, dip-drain, or spray methods, which can be handled through a cleaning, coating, and baking operation, and which are not adversely affected by baking temperatures up to 626 °F. The coatings are classified into six grades (Grades 1 to 6) according to the required minimum basecoat thickness, and when tested, shall conform accordingly to appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, blister, thread fit, and hydrogen embrittlement requirements. The coating process does not induce the possibility of internal hydrogen embrittlement provided that the fasteners have not been cleaned or pre-treated with an acid or phosphate. Alkaline cleaning or vapor degreasing is required along with shot blasting to remove rust or scale. No metric equivalents are presented in this specification.

aluminum, chrome, coating, corrosion, dip spin, fasteners, protection, resistance , rust, sealer, zinc, Chromium electroplating, Corrosion-resistant coatings--specifications, Electrodeposited Cr coatings--specifications, Fasteners (metal)--specifications, Inorganic coatings--specifications, Zinc electrodeposited coatings--specifications, ICS Number Code 21.060.01 (Fasteners in general), 25.220.40 (Metallic coatings)


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