ASTM F1281-17

Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pressure Pipe

NORMA vydaná dňa 1.8.2017

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Označenie normy: ASTM F1281-17
Dátum vydania normy: 1.8.2017
Kód tovaru: NS-689878
Počet strán: 12
Približná hmotnosť: 36 g (0.08 libier)
Krajina: Americká technická norma
Kategória: Technické normy ASTM

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Anotácia textu normy ASTM F1281-17 :

This specification covers coextruded cross linked polyethylene composite pressure pipe with welded aluminum tube reinforcement between the inner and outer layers. The inner and outer cross linked polyethylene layers are bonded to the aluminum tube by a melt adhesive. Included is a system of nomenclature for the cross linked polyethylene-aluminum cross linked polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) pipes, the requirements and test methods for materials, the dimensions of the component layers and finished pipe, adhesion tests, and the burst and sustained pressure performance. Also given are the requirements and methods of marking. The pipe covered by this specification is intended for use in potable water distribution systems for residential and commercial applications, water service, underground irrigation systems, and radiant panel heating systems, baseboard, snow- and ice-melt systems, and gases that are compatible with the composite pipe and fittings. It covers only composite pipes incorporating a welded aluminum tube. The PEX-AL-PEX pipes are classified by the outside diameter. The pipe shall be free of visible cracks, holes, foreign inclusions, blisters, and other known injurious defects. The pipe shall be as uniform as practicable in color, opacity, density, and other physical properties.

 ,composite, crosslinked PE, PEX-AL-PEX, pipe, pressure,, ICS Number Code 23.040.20 (Plastic pipes)


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