ASTM F1202-16

Standard Specification for Washing Machines, Heat Sanitizing, Commercial, Pot, Pan, and Utensil Vertically Oscillating Arm Type

NORMA vydaná dňa 1.12.2016

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Označenie normy: ASTM F1202-16
Dátum vydania normy: 1.12.2016
Kód tovaru: NS-673857
Počet strán: 4
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Krajina: Americká technická norma
Kategória: Technické normy ASTM

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Anotácia textu normy ASTM F1202-16 :

This specification covers the requirements for manually fed, motor-driven vertically oscillating arm type, automatically controlled, commercial pot, pan, and utensil washing machine (also referred to as "the washer"). The washer is of one rack capacity (Type I) and is available in either Style A (one door/front loading) or Style B (three door/pass-through with front load door). Heat shall be provided to the washer through steam (Style 1) by injection (Class A) or heat exchange coil (Class B) or through electric means (Style 2). The washer and its components shall be manufactured free of defects. Piping and fittings shall be manufactured from corrosion-resisting material or heat-resisting plastic material. Valves, spray assemblies, and overflow drain shall be manufactured from corrosion-resisting materials. Tank and housing shall be constructed of corrosion-resistant steel. Scrap trays (strainers), access door/s, and legs shall be constructed of corrosion-resistant steel or other corrosion-resisting material. The pump motor shall be mounted on the tank or rigid steel base, with the pump casing being of cast iron or corrosion-resisting material. When specified, a final rinse booster heater and/or detergent feeder may be provided. The washer shall be operated at ambient room temperature. Tests for performance standards and operational compliance as well as for noise level, leakage, energy, and productivity requirements shall be performed and shall conform to the requirements specified.

oscillating arm, pot washer, utensil washer ,, ICS Number Code 97.040.40 (Dishwashers)


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