ASTM F1007-18

Standard Specification for Pipeline Expansion Joints of the Packed Slip Type for Marine Application

NORMA vydaná dňa 1.5.2018

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Označenie normy: ASTM F1007-18
Dátum vydania normy: 1.5.2018
Kód tovaru: NS-846497
Počet strán: 4
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Krajina: Americká technická norma
Kategória: Technické normy ASTM

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Anotácia textu normy ASTM F1007-18 :

This specification covers the design, manufacturing, and testing of packed slip-type expansion joints used in pipelines for accommodating axial thermal growth or contraction from the pipeline carrying fluid. The expansion joints shall be of the following types, styles, classes, and forms: Type I; Styles I and II; Classes I and II; and Forms I, II, and III. As specified in this specification and as required, the expansion joint shall be provided with flanged or welded end connections, limit stops, stuffing boxes with integral guides, base, drain connection, service connection, slip protectors, and adjustment rods. The internal and external surfaces of the expansion joint shall be cleaned of dirt, oil, grease, and other foreign material using a suitable cleaning solvent. Extreme care shall be used to ensure the interior is free of any slag, steel chips, or other similar materials that could lodge between the slip and the body and score the slip surface.

axial thermal growth, expansion joint, fluid pipeline, marine technology, packed slip expansion joint, pipeline, ship,, ICS Number Code 47.020.30 (Piping systems)


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