IEEE 1010-2006

IEEE Guide for Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants

NORMA vydaná dňa 18.8.2006

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: IEEE 1010-2006
: 18.8.2006
: 81
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Kategória: Technické normy IEEE

IEEE 1010-2006 :

Revision Standard - Active.
This guide is to serve as a reference document for practicing engineers in the hydroelectric industry. It documents prevailing industry practices in hydroelectric power plant control system logic, control system configurations, and control modes. It describes the control and monitoring requirements for equipment and systems associated with conventional and pumped-storage hydroelectric plants. It includes typical methods of local and remote control, details of the control interfaces for plant equipment, requirements for centralized and off-site control.

ISBN: 978-0-7381-4953-0, 978-0-7381-4952-3
Number of Pages: 81
Product Code: STD95530, STDPD95530
Keywords: automation, control systems, hydroelectric, unit controls
Category: Power Generation