ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 12025 (012030)

Nanomateriály - Kvantifikace nanoobjektů uvolněných z prášků generovaných aerosolů (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 12025
: 012030
: 98161
: 1.11.2015
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ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 12025 (012030):

emissions or release of nano-objects into the surrounding air from powdered nanostructured materials resulting from handling is an important consideration in the design and operation of many industrial processes. Released nano-objects may affect human health and the environment, depending on the nature and quanitity of the nanomaterial. It is therefore important to obtain data about the propensity of nanomaterials to release nano-objects, thereby allowing exposure to be evaluated, controlled and minimised. Three main target groups of experts for the evaluation of the release of nano-objects from powdered nanostructured materials are: - material scientists and engineers, who design safe nanomaterials and safe nanomaterial handling processes; - occupational, health and safety specialists; - environmental specialists, who need exposure data in addition to toxicity data for risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials (see A.2) and who collect dustiness data (gravimetric as well as particle concentration and particle size information)